About us

Founded on 12/01/1983 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Etep Indústria Metalúrgica was born with the objective of marketing and developing equipments for E&P through large companies in the industry at the time, among them, ENGEX, which was a great partner.


Provide world-class products with quality and reliability, acting responsibly, safely and profitably in national and international markets, contributing to the Oil and Natural Gas industry.


We will be the preferred company of our customers.


Respect for life; Ethics and transparency; Human and cultural diversity; Competitive pricing practice; Entrepreneurship and innovation; Strictly comply with legislation.


The commitment to quality has been part of ETEP's corporate culture since its foundation.

In 2004, we achieved certification in the ISO 9001 standard, but the evolution did not stop there and we continued advancing in the certification process in the ISO 17025, API Q1, API 6A, API 5B and API 5CT standards.